Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hawgstock Part I

We left for Winterset Thursday evening, dodging storm cells the entire way. As we arrived at 11:00 PM, no pictures were taken until Friday morning. Above, the road leading into the campsite.

You know it's going to be an interesting ride down the hill to the campsite when you're stopped to to let the gravel truck head down first:

Looking forward to the ride down the hill (mud and fresh gravel on slope....) One of our neighbors:
The shower stage. Not much too look at during the day, but it got interesting later......
Pretty much what the general area looks like:
And the lewdness begins. From this point on, those that are easily offended or at work, STOP HERE.

The Butt Contest. Be thankful I haven't put up all the images I have. This was open to both sexes, with men first. We'll just skip that. Secondly, I've foregone posting pics of the contestant who apparently thought it was a rectum contest. Repeatedly being flashed the brown eye by a malnourished middle-aged woman is damn near as bad as being in the crowd during the men's competition.

From there, it was a strength contest. This was actually interesting to watch; how long can a line of drunken bikers hold a gallon of water straight out in front of them? Pretty damn long, some of them:
Note the third guy from the left; Tom Savini's long-lost brother?

More later, and yes, it does get better.

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