Sunday, August 9, 2009

Odds and Ends

So, what's been going on this weekend? Statistics. Lots and lots of studying statistics. Nine days to go, and then it's the joy class! Learning to be a devious, misleading, amoral seller of goods. Why, I can almost feel my ability to act like an Obamaroid as I type. But enough of that.

While not learning to make figures lie and becoming lying figurer-er, I've:

Bought a drying rack and probably ruined two perfectly good zucchinis;

Taken a perfectly good zucchini and made it into even better grilled zucchini:

Inspected the jungle that was supposed to be a garden:

Made more pickles:

and grilled burgers while watching the dogs try to get nailed in the head with hot grease drops:

Sadly, I didn't fire any guns, ride my motorcycle, or punish my liver to any extent. I'll need to take time off work after all classes are finished just to recover from the make-up activities.

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