Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ugly Gun Sunday

A shotgun made from iron bedposts; charge made of pieces of lead from curtain tape and match-heads, to be ignited by AA batteries and a broken light bulb. On May 21, 1984 two inmates of a prison in Celle, Germany, took a jailer as a hostage,showed off their fire power by letting go at a pane of bullet-proof glass, and escaped by car.

From Prison Photography. They have a few other interesting items over there in addition to this. And this highlights one concept quite nicely: if criminals can make something like this in prison, how hard is it to make something more effective once they're out, where there's decent tools and raw materials?

Side note; final pictures of the latest rally (e.g., gratuitous skin shots), will be tomorrow. Today, the joys of marketing education have managed to keep me inside on this computer on a sunny cool day when I should have been out playing with guns. So, no more time on the computer today.


BobG said...

Ugly, but a great example of ingenuity.

MauserMedic said...


Got'em out of the joint, guess that's good enough!

CocaCola4blood said...

I'm sure you've displayed a number of their post-prison examples on this site.