Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ugly Gun Sunday

Here's a serious case of Silk Purse Sow's Ear Syndrome. The original gun, a Volunteer Commando Mark 3 in .45 ACP. The finished product: a Volunteer Commando Mforgery SKS.

The Commando was an inexpensive way to own something that was intended to emulate a Thompson submachine gun for those without five figures of disposable income. With minimal machining and fitting, and using surplus M3 Grease Gun magazine, it filled a niche in the shooter's market for nearly ten years before fading away.

It was no beauty straight from the factory:

but someone managed to to take it down a notch.


The Old Man said...

Good Lord, I've been wanting a .45ACP carbine for a long time. Any ideas where I can get this ugly 'un?

MauserMedic said...


Believe it or not, I see them crop up occasionally on Auction Arms and Guns America online. They seem to go for $400 to $500 from what I've noticed. If you find a Commando Mk 3, it uses M3 magazines, which are still floating around out there.

Ride Fast said...

[...] Guns as Porn [...]

Gah. My Thompsons are laughing.

Anonymous said...


I hate you people... always giving me random-assed ideas for things that I want that I never knew I wanted before now...