Monday, August 31, 2009

Hawgstock Part III: Wierdness & Debauchery

From here on, it's strictly lewdness. Those that are offended by skin, go no further.

Yes, that is a waterslide. A naked waterslide. Only rally I've been to that has one. A waterslide, that is.
Before getting critical here, keep in mind: it's hard to take good photographs in the dark, when things are moving fast.

Pretty much sure I'll be going back next year. Anyone heading that way in 2010, shoot me a line.


Anonymous said...

YAY finally some naakked womens. I wonder why you will be going back next year.......... cold ones, bikes and.......... well you know. claymore

Anonymous said...

You missed pics of a "Group activity" in the campground! WOO-HOO!! There is even a vidio!