Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cast Bullets and Enfields

A Savage No.4 Mk I, being fed 190 grain cast bullets, with gas checks and a diameter of .314. Powder charge was 30.9 grains of Winchester 760. At 100 yards, with five shot groups I had a frequent pattern of 3 round inside 3 inches, and two round within 3 inches, with a gap of about 6-8 inches between the two. I have a feeling I'll need to look at the bedding on this rifle. Perhaps a touch of Brownell's Acraglas.......

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Swedish Saturday

Good day to head to the range with a Swedish M96 rifle built in 1900, last fired in the '90s, with ammunition assembled from components purchased and put away about about the same time. Nice change from living in an area where I'd probably be throwing on a set of Carhartts to stay warm while shooting now.