Sunday, January 5, 2014


Apparently I need to up the pressure in my cast bullet loads for my Type 99. I'm using reformed Remington 8mm Mauser brass, as 7.7 brass was rare when I wanted to load these. There were a number of shots where there was a fair bit of a smokey breeze coming out of the wrong end of the rifle, and a good inch of soot down some of the cartridge case. Think I'll switch the load from IMR 4227 over to Winchester 748; Win 748 runs higher pressures for cast loads at similar velocities, which should form that case to the chamber nicely. Or blow smoke into my face at even higher pressure.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I was given a Dillon 550 frame by The Wife to upgrade my 450. I've managed to strip it down, except for the pins holding the swing arms to the frame. I've actually managed to destroy a steel punch trying to get these out. At this point, I'm seriously considering taking my impact drill and a length of steel rod, and essentially jackhammering the solid pin to see if I can get it to move with rapid small impacts instead of smacking it with a hammer. But, if anyone has any experience in converting one of these, or a suggestion on moving tight pins, I'm all ears.