Monday, May 26, 2008

The Horror, The Horror........

I've developed a reputation within my Guard unit for an unusual familiarity with guns. Often, this results in requests to look at something Grandpa stuck in the closet thirty years ago, or where that weed wacker that used to be a bayonet came from. Sometimes, I've been able to help people find out that old rifle they've kept in the closet is an original Sharps, is worth quite a bit more then the $300-$400 dollars they thought an "old gun" might be worth. Which I enjoy helping with, although wishing they would have said they had a gun they want to get rid of, and would I like to take it off their hands? Usually I end up telling someone that it's a common shotgun marketed through Sears in the '70s, or a mass produced German .22 revolver they might get $80 for at a gunshow. And sometimes, I get a message forwarded to me in my email like this:

These are the pictures you requested. My two younger brothers got them down from the attic in Mark's shed just for pictures and then put them right back. I thought that was really nice of them. Dad said that the muzzle loader was
handmade in Czechoslovakia. There is a part where the barrel wore through and
they patched it with lead. I hope your friend can see enough to appreciate them.
You can tell things are going downhill on the value of these guns even before opening the images.

A little more history, crumbling into rust.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Ugly Gun

One of those rarest of firearms: a gun so ugly straight from the factory, its difficult to make it any worse (hot pink paint jobs excepted). The Australian Owen submachine, Down Under's version of the Sten. Although this received the paint job after leaving the armory, stripping it off wouldn't do anything to lessen the impression that it was something assembled in a welder's shop after a long day of straight whiskey, or worse. On the positive side, they supposedly were very reliable in function, which is what counts in the end. But it's still damn ugly.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A View From The Road

A few images from an additional duty run in Egypt and Israel; the sign above was pretty funny until you don't notice the camel on the side of the road until it's too late to stop if he decides to move. And yes, it is possible to not see them, even in the desert. They blend in great.

The local method for cargo hauling. Donkeys are lower maintenance than trucks, and that axle will last a long time at 3 mph.
The giant head out in the middle of nowhere, Israel.

Nobody looked twice at this guy at he crossed the street. I had a jealousy fit. I'd be willing to bet that's not a semi-auto.

Potential roadkill on the run. Apparently these things are worth a lot of money, so you're supposed to really avoid them. Besides what will happen when it comes through the windshield.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday Ugly Gun

Late again; who ever said this was going to be a laid back, boring deployment must have been talking about the headquarters section. Anyway- another custom paint job, with another witty quip on the stock.

Having been inspired by this piece, I will follow in the creator's path. Maintaining the theme of "x-rated" and art frequently seen on semi mudflaps, I will put in an order for cherry-red krylon spraypaint, a set of these for stock inlays, and find my least-used SKS.

Truly, I am an artist.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let The Weekend Commence

Since 1800 hours:

Begin a birthday celebration, with much Shiner Bock, Crown Royal, and Karaoke;

Reassure drunken friends they really are good people, and can't be responsible for all the bad things that happen;

Be reassured that you really should have gotten that promotion that went to someone else;

Tag along to the Fiji Battalion bar with friends for a Fiji Infantry Company going away party for the unit rotating home after a year of service;

Stop one block short of the bar to check on the Fijian Military Policeman supporting a staggering Fijian infantryman heading towards my medical clinic;

Hold pressure to said soldiers arm to stop venous bleeding that's left a blood trail across the parking lot while holding him upright;

Maintain arm bar hold while assisting physician in irrigating multiple cuts incurred during punching through a window;Reassure patient you love him too / return hug;

Shoot x-rays to affirm no glass in wounds;

Go staff clinic desk so the people on medical duty can do this crap;

Deeply desire a pepperoni and green pepper pizza and warm bed while typing this at front desk.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ugly Gun Sunday

Albeit belated; I'm seriously tempted to arrange for an accident for the software I'm using. Anyhoo-

The standard "sporterized" rifle, with chopped wood and home checkering; but with a little something special:

Ol' master gunsmith broke out the soldering iron for this one! There's a reason for mounting rifle sights on static parts. Wonder if he ever figured out why?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hoplophobes of the World

Europe, I'd expect it. The U.S., I wouldn't be suprised. But the Middle East?

My local IT guy, a young Egyptian man, probably not yet in his twenties, is trying to troubleshoot my desktop PC for an irritating, but ultimately minor problem. A big thanks to Captain Micromanager for making sure four hours were spent on a problem than affects me once a day for a minute.

Since IT guy needed to have everything closed, I went ahead and logged out so he could log in. At which point the desktop image is visible. A nice photo of an IMI Desert Eagle in .50 cal with matching knife. As he's staring at it, I mention it's on my Christmas wish list. Which leads to a discussion on differences in gun laws in Egypt and the U.S. There was a bit of confusion over the concept of having both Federal and State laws, vs one national law in Egypt. Also, the thought that anyone in the U.S. can buy any kind of gun whenever and wherever they want. Whereas in Egypt, the law is one that is simple and unfortunately familiar to me. As it was explained,
In Egypt, you may only have a gun if you can prove your life is
threatened; people like movie stars, government employees, rich

Sounds like California to me. Then, I could have sworn I was talking to someone HCI.
Of course, it's better to make sure no one has guns. That way the crime is
lower. I mean, even if someone isn't a criminal, they could still go crazy, you

Halfway across the world and it's like listening to the evening news back at home. Yech.