Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beer Summit?

I'm formally sick of hearing about the President and prof. Gates getting together to have a beer and clear up this "misunderstanding". Bullshit. The only misunderstanding was Gates' concept that his color grants him special privileges to verbally abuse cops for doing their job. I'd be damn happy to have our local police check on my place if someone reports a middle-aged man crawling through the basement window of my house (which immediately preceded the new family policy of always leaving a key outside the house. Crawling through decades of cobwebs is gross, and the five foot drop to a concrete floor is no picnic either).

But there's definitely racism involved here. It's evident that white cops who don't know their place (e.g., uppity) are to be smacked down. And it was certainly a pleasure watching our first post-racial president shoot his mouth off about something he hasn't bothered to research. But then, at least he's consistent. I'm surprised President O is letting Officer Crowley in the White House; he'll probably try to steal the silver and ogle Michelle.

Good luck, officer, and enjoy your Arugula Pale Ale.


Papa Whiskey said...

Officer Crowley is unlikely to ogle Queen Worf, not being of Klingon descent.

MauserMedic said...


Obviously you don't read enough fashion magazines; she's the most beautiful First Lady ever! And the most one can wear $400 sneakers to a soup kitchen like she can!