Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Old Friend, New Clothes

Had a soldier come into our quarters at NTC with something that definitely wasn't an M4 from a distance, and had to go look at it. I was suprised to see this current version of the M14, tricked out like a mall ninja's wet dream. The big difference being that these add-ons will see use somewhere besides the range. A fair number of the 11Bs were given these fine rifles based upon their qualification scores during the last range qual. These troops are now squad designated marksmen, something I both envy and approve of. Envy, because properly set up this rifle will take out a hostile far beyond the effective range of the M4 gopher gun most of us are saddled with. Approve, because at least someone has something with both range and individual accuracy you can't get with an M240B machine gun. This is the man and gun you go to when Akbar the part-time sniper pops of rounds from his Enfield or Mosin while nicely ensconced in his ROE off-limits compound full of women and kids. Lucky dog.

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Henry said...

The M14 EBR is probably my favorite battle rifle.