Sunday, January 5, 2014


Apparently I need to up the pressure in my cast bullet loads for my Type 99. I'm using reformed Remington 8mm Mauser brass, as 7.7 brass was rare when I wanted to load these. There were a number of shots where there was a fair bit of a smokey breeze coming out of the wrong end of the rifle, and a good inch of soot down some of the cartridge case. Think I'll switch the load from IMR 4227 over to Winchester 748; Win 748 runs higher pressures for cast loads at similar velocities, which should form that case to the chamber nicely. Or blow smoke into my face at even higher pressure.


Emile said...

My dad used to be a reloading master. He taught me the basic steps of reloading the ammo I had shot previously, but I never really knew the ins and outs like he did. That's a good skill to have, especially in this day and age.

Larry said...

Looks like the 30-06 was a better fit for the 7.7x58 loads just comparing where the shoulders are. How far did you have to stretch it? Good thing the Arisaka actions are so strong. :D

Mine is a Type 30, 6.5x50, also very expensive dining habits. Fortunately I was able to acquire enough brass for it (that's what got me started on reloading in the first place).

Could be worse, I have a friend that has a .338 Lapua.

Murphy's Law said...

I use Win 748 with my cut-down .30-06 brass and HOrnady's .312 174gr. bullets. Excellent results.

MauserMedic said...


I think one of the reasons I went with 7.9 over the 30-06 was the amount of trimming involved with reformed cases; the RCBS trimmer I have is manual,and trimming that much excess brass is sloooow.