Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I was given a Dillon 550 frame by The Wife to upgrade my 450. I've managed to strip it down, except for the pins holding the swing arms to the frame. I've actually managed to destroy a steel punch trying to get these out. At this point, I'm seriously considering taking my impact drill and a length of steel rod, and essentially jackhammering the solid pin to see if I can get it to move with rapid small impacts instead of smacking it with a hammer. But, if anyone has any experience in converting one of these, or a suggestion on moving tight pins, I'm all ears.


Grog said...

With what you described, at this point, my suggestion is to get a high speed steel drill bit that's just under the diameter of the hole with the offending pins and drilling them out, then installing new split pins with the arm.

Jim said...

Call Dillon, They are good people and will give you the best advice on this.