Thursday, March 6, 2014

Did I Order That?

Got around to shooting some handloads through the MAS 49/56 that I loaded five years ago. 7.5 x 54 French made from 6.5 Swedish with 147-grain FMJ bullets. Nothing phenomenal for a group, but just fine for recreational shooting. The 49/56 was very pleasant to shoot, but having only twenty rounds was unsatisfying. Fortunately, Graf & Sons happened to have 7.5 x 54 brass, so a hundred rounds was ordered that night. Along with a pack of 150-grain FMJ bullets. I thought. What I have is a hundred rounds of correct brass, and one hundred 168-grain HPBTs. Too heavy for a round originally set up with a 139-grain bullet. I'd be irritated but......even if I didn't pay close attention when ordering, I also shot twenty five rounds of 7.5 x 55 Swiss through the K38 that day, topped with 180-grain cast bullets. Which are a little tougher to close the bolt on with a straight pull compared to most of my other bolt guns. I generally prefer to shoot cast through my bolt guns, because it's cheap and light recoiling, but I think I'll except the K38 from that. I have some 147-grains I can through on the French brass, and the Swiss normally runs a 174-grain....... I can work with what showed up.

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Jim said...

k38???? did you mean k-31 or is that some obscure mode?