Saturday, June 12, 2010

Culture and Clinic

Another day of fine weather, with intermittent rain that generally fell about the time any training took place outside. Fortunately, the first four hours of duty was a briefing on Afghan culture. The presenter has spent considerable time there, as well as several other primarily Muslim countries, and put out far more useful information than I've come to expect from such briefings.

The second half of training consisted of medical training, starting off with the 100 meter dash and stick event, where the treating medic ran to the patient, then proceeded to place a 16-gauge needle in whatever vein presented on the designated victim patient. I was reminded that being on the receiving end of a fishing expedition for a vein is extremely unpleasant during that.

Following that, a refresher course on HEENT assessments, complete with a good up-close look into several orifices. As you can see above, this can be a little challenging for some.

Tomorrow, a foray into the tick-infested (literally) woods to begin battle drills. As we're told that around 70% of deer ticks in the region test positive for Lyme's, this should provide an interesting experience in attention to both training and critters.

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BobG said...

As the Navy would say:

"It's not just a job, it's an adventure!"