Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Joys of Teamwork

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, there will be a Brigade Run. Several Battalions of soldiers will fall into a giant formation in PT uniforms, with the Brigade Commander in the lead, and take off in a mass formation designed to awe the bystander, impress the individual soldier with the extent of personnel, and cement our units together as a team prior to deploying.

What will really happen is a large number of people will be in the two-legged equivalent of a vast traffic jam, with those in front moving at a slow pace to minimize outrunning those in back, while those in back alternate between a shin-burning slow yet uniform shuffle, then a less-than-uniform sprint to catch up as the accordion effect kicks in. This will be followed by a descent en masse upon the space-limited chow halls by sweaty soldiers in a hurry to eat, shower, draw weapons, and get to their assigned task of the day in less time than is realistically achievable, followed by irate officers and NCOs trying not to blow an artery while watching the training schedule go up in flames.

It should be a lovely start to the day.


cmblake6 said...

Oh, HELL yeah! Familiar with those clusterfucks. Hope you had fun!

Oh Hell said...

Love the picture!!