Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ugly Gun Sunday

The Charter Arms "Goldfinger" 5-shot revolver. Either Charter Arms has decided to focus on the Iowa Hawkeye segment of the concealed carry market, or this is a foray into the combination tactical/pimp gun niche.


cmblake6 said...

You think THAT's pimp? Go to the site and look at all the others!

CocaCola4blood said...

It's the poor man's pimp.

It's also pimp for anyone who wants to be pimp while at the same time maintain the illusion of having some remaining shreds of self-respect.

In other word, it's stuh-huh-huh-hoo-oo-pid!!!

randy said...

i think it should have a small, tasteful diamond(or CZ?)on each side just above the grip.

i mean...WHY NOT dress it up a bit. some scrollwork too, maybe.