Monday, June 14, 2010

Road Trip

Today's activity was providing medical support for training troops. Which consisted of reacting to IED attacks and ambushes. As seen above, the simulators have become more realistic overtime, which increases risk. Part of the training process is wearing full body armor, eye protection, and keeping all windows in the vehicles closed, regardless of temperature (although apparently the armored Humvees have air conditioning. My Desert Storm era Humvee-based ambulance, the windows are the air conditioning).

We are fortunate to have local members of the population who are from Afghanistan acting as villagers and interpreters helping us train. OPFOR (opposing forces) are strictly military personnel however, due to weapons handling requirements. This is extremely useful training, as it's far better to learn from mistakes here. The professionalism and intensity of the young soldiers is really showing through on these trips; no one is taking this deployment lightly.


Oh Hell said...

My Tactical Pistol Teacher always says "Train like you fight". Good advice!

Afghan Clothes said...

The opposing forces (OPFOR) look great. They got real Afghanistan Clothing. These type of training excersises really help our men and women in service!!!

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